Sigma Pharmaceuticals

To explore Sigmas Business to Business service offerings and improve its customer confidence and ease of use

Sigma is one of Australia’s largest distributors of pharmaceutical products, servicing over 1200 branded and independent pharmacies Sigma’s digital business-to-business (B2B) service has fallen behind the competition due to outdated technology and fragmented processes that have compromised the customer experience

We were engaged to provide recommendations for a reimagined B2B service offering and cohesive experience

A five week program of work has seen us explore Sigma’s position in the market, understand their current pain points, explore opportunities and evaluate business readiness to execute on the new ideas

We utilised a variety of techniques to help Sigma rapidly solve current challenges and define a strategy that will position them as an innovative industry leader

Conceptual designs and a roadmap for the future have been developed to provide a market-leading B2B solution